Demystifying Medicinal Cannabis, CBD Oil & THC with Professor Kylie O’Brien

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My lovely guest this week is Professor Kylie O’Brien, an expert in Chinese medicine, integrative medicine & medicinal cannabis.

I’ve been wanting to get the facts straight around CBD oil, THC oil and medicinal cannabis for quite some time, so I invited Kylie onto my show. We discuss the many benefits, the concerns and where the law stands right now and what the future holds around this fascinating topic. We keep the technical jargon to a minimum where possible, and this is a podcast for everyone if you want to know more about this incredible plant. Enjoy.

Some of the questions we covered on the show:
– What is cannabis? How does it differ from marijuana? 
– What sort of conditions do people seek to use cannabis for?
– Is there any scientific evidence that it works?
– How does cannabis work?
– What’s the difference between CBD & THC?
– Is it safe?  Can we over-use CBD oil and THC oil?
– Are there any examples/case studies where people were using conventional medication and then moved to Med Cannabis?
– What are our laws around cannabis use?
– What are other countries doing with respect to cannabis?
– How do people get access to it in Australia?
– What have you been doing in educating doctors about medicinal cannabis? 🙂

About Kylie O’Brien: Kylie O’Brien has had a strong academic career in the fields of Chinese medicine, integrative medicine and now medicinal cannabis since career changing in 2000. She has worked for the Victorian Department of Human Services, and held senior leadership roles in the university and private education sector. She is an internationally recognised expert in Chinese medicine and integrative medicine, and has published extensively including a first book on integrative oncology (US: Springer, 2017) and a second one on mental health and medicinal cannabis due for publication in 2020. She is a member of the TGA Advisory Committee for Complementary Medicine, the TEQSA Expert Panel and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies’ Speciality Committee on Cancer Rehabilitation.

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Doctors and healthcare practitioners who are interested in the medicinal cannabis course on 22/23 February 2020 in Brisbane featuring Dr Philip Blair MD (US), expert in medicinal cannabis, should go to the following link: I stress this is for healthcare practitioners and not the general public.

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