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Why Choose Hemp Clothing

We’re sure that you’ll agree with us that hemp clothing, and other hemp items, are worth investing in. If you like products that last longer, get better with age, and don’t harm the environment then you’re sure to love hemp clothing. Hemp clothing here: https://www.nothingbuthemp.net/online-store/Hemp-Clothing-Plastics-c64902097

Hemp clothing holds up to wear and tear very well. In fact, it gets softer with each wash. Additionally, it resists fading and doesn’t stretch out after multiple washes. So you can wear your favorite t-shirt and wash it for years without worry about it stretching or fading.

The thread count in hemp items is also much higher than cotton, so it’s very tightly woven. This means that sun and UV light can’t penetrate your hemp clothes. So if you work outside then long-sleeved hemp shirts will protect you from the sun naturally without chemical lotions.

Hemp fiber is also more durable than other fabrics such as canvas so it’s a great choice for tablecloths and other industrial uses. In fact, hemp was used as sails on sailboats for hundreds of years before being replaced by canvas.

As you can see, hemp clothing and fabrics offer many great benefits. And many people love choosing clothing that is sustainable. This is why we believe so strongly in choosing hemp over other fabrics.

Nothing But Hemp is the largest hemp clothing brand in Minnesota and the Midwest.




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