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In this video, I will share How to vape CBD Products. you will learn everything you need to know so you can enjoy vaping CBD.

I’ll first talk about the benefits of CBD Vaping which are

1.) The quickest delivery method for using CBD
2.) Inconspicuous and easy to use anywhere
3.) Gets CBD directly to chest area and lungs

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I’ll also talk about the 3 different types of CBD Liquid that you can vape.

It’s important to understand that you can’t use a normal CBD Oil for vaping because it is too thick. A CBD Vape Liquid is formulated with a carrier oil that is thinner so it is easy to vape. If you try to put a normal CBD Oil into your vape pen it will clog and burn the coil.

Always make sure that the CBD you are buying is specifically for vaping CBD.
There are three different types of CBD Liquid you can vape. There will be some differences with ingredients amongst CBD Vape Suppliers however this is a guideline to help you understand which is best to choose for you.

1.) CBD Isolate Vape
2.) Full Spectrum CBD Vape
3.) Full Spectrum CBD Vape with added Terpene Profiles
I’ll then show you the two different types of CBD Vape Pens you can use.

It’s important to know that when vaping a full spectrum CBD liquid it is always best to get a ceramic coil as this will allow it to be heated at a low voltage and not burn the CBD

1.) Normal Refillable Vape Pen – Ceramic Coil is best
2.) Prefilled Cartridge CBD Vape Pen

I love vaping CBD as it’s quick, convenient, and gives me great results.

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