Medical Benefits of Hemp


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Cannabis can be found in various forms, and the health benefits of cannabis are ever-growing, here in this episode, Megan Fabyan DeForest Sales Director of Cannavative gives us an insight into the diverse benefits of the plant.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Getting to know Megan
1:12 Medical Cannabis Testimonials
4:06 About Cannavative
7:05 “Women are helping to shape this industry”
10:39 Megan’s AHA Moments and Cannabis – what we know and what we don’t
18:31 Is cannabis a “gateway drug”?
21:40 Cannabis many a good thing but why are people avoiding it
25:44 pieces of Advice from Megan
29:35 Creating cannabis products is a craft/ How Cannabis used as medicine
31:48 Issue on Vape
32:34 Products of Cannavative undergoes multiple labs of testing
36:48 How to identify if it’s fresh? (Harvest to Extraction)
38:36 What is the Future of the U.S. Hemp/Cannabis Industry
40:35 How Selling Medical Cannabis Works and What are the Conditions
44:04 The importance of cannabis culture
49:39 Cannabis distribution chain issue
50:33 NEVADA: The most regulated states
52:40 Be Careful from Forfeited products
53:49 Cannabis Extraction & Refinement Process
54:42 Identifying products from a dispensary and black market
56:48 How to Join Global Hemp Association

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