How to Roll a Cannabis Joint: Beginners Guide!


Hello Cannabis Experts,

In this video our expert roller, Ash is here to teach you how to roll a joint.

We understand there are many techniques to rolling a joint, this is just our personal opinion on the best way to teach a beginner. And who knows?

Maybe some of you more experienced rollers may learn a trick or two.

Below is a very in depth written explanation to go alongside the video, hopefully explaining anything we missed or making anything clearer for you.

You’ll need:



Roach/Crutch/Filter/Whatever you personally call it!

Your ‘Herb’ of choice

‘M’ (or any sort of holder for when your filling the paper with herb)

Ash uses a rolling tray, though any flat surface will suffice.


STEP 1: 00:38

Place your paper in the M with the sticky side facing towards you, and put your roach (rolled up, Ash forgot to mention that) on whichever side you feel most comfortable.

STEP 2: 00:55

Grind your herb.

STEP 3: 01:07

Fill your paper.

If you have a multi-chamber grinder you might find it easier to pour your herb straight into the paper. If you have a single chamber like in this video, it can be easier to tap it out onto a flat surface first. If you’re going for a cone shape it helps to put less herb near the roach end, and more nearer the open end.

STEP 4: 01:27

Pick up the paper and roll it between your fingers, back and forth, to help your herb form a tube shape before you try and roll the paper around it. This isn’t entirely necessary but certainly makes the next step much easier!

STEP 5: 01:50

Whilst making sure to keep the paper pulled tight, tuck the paper round the roach. At this point don’t worry about the other side, you just need to make sure you can get the paper slightly rolled round the roach without letting it get too loose.

STEP 6: 02:13

Once you have the paper rolled around the roach end, using your free hand that isn’t holding the roach nice and tight, place your index finger parallel to the herb and use your middle finger and thumb to roll the paper around the herb.

Putting your finger across the herb isn’t necessary, but allows your hands to act in a similar way to a rolling machine, with your index finger making the paper roll around the herb without you having to think about it.

STEP 7: 02:40

Lightly lick the gum on the paper and roll up until the paper is stuck down all across the joint. Rolling it evenly to keep your joint in a nice shape.

STEP 8: 02:58

Pack your herb into your joint, using whatever you have nearby that will fit, and pop anything you may have dropped back in the end. Try not to pack it too tightly as this can lead to a sideburn when you smoke it.

STEP 9: 03:15

Finish off your joint however you wish! Ash usually just burns the paper at the end off into an ashtray, but if you like a twisted or folded end then do whatever suits you!

STEP 10: Off Camera

Get lit.

Hopefully this has been a helpful tutorial for you, keep an eye out for more rolling videos to come!

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