Celebrating 420 – Facts & Myths about the Cannabis Code


—-Intended for the 18 & over—-

HAPPY 420!

4:20 is the time and April 20th is the day to celebrate Cannabis. All over the world people come together to 420…

Sebastian Good tells you all about these magical three digits. Myths and Facts on how 420 became the number, date and time associated with Ganja.

There are some wild theories about 420 and how the number became legendary.

Police Radio Code, Bob Dylan or Bob Marley???

No. This is the real reason why 420 = Weed

Back in the early 70s a group of students in San Rafael California often met after school at 4pm and 20 minutes at a monument by their school to burn one down. They would usually hang out at wall and so they became known as the Waldos. They started using their meeting time as a code for smoking pot.

The Waldos got to know the Grateful Dead and so the band eventually helped spreading the word.

After some Deadheads handed out flyers to smoke 420 on April 20th at 4pm and 20 minutes, High Times Magazine published this Flyer in 1991 and soon the whole world would know what 420 stands for.

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