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The cannabis industry is booming, and a wide range of lucrative marijuana jobs are available as we speak.


When you enter a dispensary, the budtender is your primary point of contact. Budtending is one of the most commonly sought-out cannabis jobs.

What Does a Budtender Do?

Budtenders are employees of cannabis dispensaries, assisting with the process. They listen to the customer’s needs, make recommendations, and complete each transaction.

Required Education and Skills for Budtenders

There are no general higher-education requirements, but some organizations offer online budtender certifications. Some dispensaries require certification; even when not required, it can still give applicants a competitive edge.

Budtender Salary

The average hourly wage for a budtender is $12.84 according to the most current data, and the median annual salary is $32,000. However, like many service industry professionals, budtenders often rely on tips. When accounting for gratuity, the actual take-home pay can be considerably higher.

Extraction Tech

Marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in concentrate form. Vape oils, tinctures, and caplets are just some of the extractions that are popular. Marijuana extracts—like wax, shatter, and oil—are gaining popularity because they’re more potent than cannabis flowers and have less of an odor.

What Does an Extraction Tech Do?

The cannabis extraction tech is the specialist who separates cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds from the plant. These compounds can then be repurposed in a variety of commercial products.

Required Education and Skills for Extraction Technicians

As this is still an emerging field, there’s no official certification at this time. However, cannabis extraction requires knowledge of chemistry, chemical engineering, and photobiology.

Extraction Technician Salary

Though Indeed lists the average salary as $16.26 per hour (about $32,000 per year), an educated extraction tech has the potential to earn significantly more. An extraction tech with a Ph.D. can earn up to $125,000 per year (making it one of the most coveted marijuana jobs).

Master Grower (Marijuana Botanist)

If you’re seeking a job that’s more lucrative than a budtender but less hazardous than an extraction tech, the master grower position may be for you.

What Does a Master Grower Do?

A master grower is an expert marijuana botanist, responsible for cultivating cannabis on an industrial scale.

Required Education and Skills for Master Growers

A formal education isn’t always required to become a master grower. You can start as an entry-level bud trimmer and learn from more experienced growers.

Master Grower Salary

The grow master job is one of the most lucrative positions in the industry. You can earn an annual salary north of $100,000 plus profit share.

Edibles Chef

If you love to prepare sumptuous meals and also partake in herbal delights, you might want to pursue a career as an edible chef.

What Does an Edibles Chef Do?

A marijuana edible chef crafts cannabis-infused foods and drinks that are sold in dispensaries.

Required Education and Skills for Edibles Chefs

For cannabis chefs working in an official capacity, a secondary education in the culinary arts is usually required. Many edible chefs have earned an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, and have professional kitchen experience.

Some states require chefs to obtain a manufacturer license.

Edibles Chef Salary

An edible chef can earn a salary of $50,000 to $100,000 a year. As with all positions, salary varies based on experience.

Cannabis Product Reviewer

If you’re passionate about cannabis culture, an online product reviewer may be one of your best-fitting jobs in cannabis.

What Does a Cannabis Product Reviewer Do?

Some would call it a dream job. Get paid to use cannabis products and then write about them.

Required Education and Skills for Cannabis Reviewers

If your goal is to work for an established brand, you’ll want to have at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related field. These cannabis jobs are very competitive, and a journalism background is a common prerequisite. You’ll also need to have an expert understanding of cannabis.

Cannabis Product Reviewer Salary

The salary range can vary dramatically depending on your education, income source, and popularity. If you score a full-time job for an established cannabis brand, you may pull in $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

Which Marijuana Jobs Appeal to You?

Several states and even the U.S. House of Representatives is trying to make cannabis more widely available. The tides are changing, and that’s great news for anyone interested in becoming a part of this growing industry.

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