LVMPD Tackles the Rising Problem of Marijuana Grow Houses


The following are indicators, which may assist in identifying potential indoor marijuana grow operations:
• Rarely does anyone appear to be at home
• Visitors come and go at odd hours, entering/leaving the home quickly often through the garage and only for brief periods of time
• They avoid contact with neighbors
• Windows are kept closed and covered to conceal activities inside
• Condensation may be present on window panes
• Equipment used in the growing operation such as large fans, lights, plastic plant containers or bags of potting soil are carried into the home
• Sounds of construction or electrical humming from equipment may be heard
• There may be localized surges and decreases in power
• Strange odors are coming from the house. Marijuana plants produce a unique skunk-like odor that you may occasionally smell, usually at dusk and dawn
• Exterior appearance of the property is untidy. There is little outside maintenance done and garbage bags containing used soil and plant material may be discarded in areas surrounding the house or loaded into a vehicle for disposal

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